The world needs clean energy.

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Secret power purchase agreements (PPAs) block clean energy development worldwide. Enter PPA Watch.

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Why it Matters

Our mission: Unlock clean energy markets through transparency

The world’s climate future hinges on whether global clean energy markets can rapidly scale. But electricity contracts in emerging and frontier economies are often negotiated behind doors, stifling competition and hindering market development. PPA Watch advocates contract transparency in order to turbocharge clean energy growth.

Question: How will power contract transparency actually catalyze clean energy development around the world?

First, by making clean energy cheaper. Rapid deployment depends in part on driving down prices.  But reaping the benefits of competition requires prices to be known, not kept secret. Headline prices for electricity (e.g. the total amount per kWh that utilities are paying producers for power) are sometimes announced, but without more information about the contract details, true costs remain hidden — and thus the benefits of competition are lost. Contract disclosure will clarify the underlying factors behind pricing and thus create incentives for better pricing for everyone.

Answer: In three important ways

Second, by clearing the pipeline for new and better projects. Secrecy often leads to bad contracts that clog the system. Many countries have experienced the rollercoaster of signing lots of secret contracts for more power than they end up needing, or for power that’s overpriced and burdens consumers. Governments then often are forced to impose a moratorium on new contracts, which stalls everything and delays higher quality projects from being developed. A commitment to future disclosure would reduce these risks. 

PPA Transparency in 2 Minutes

Watch our video to learn why PPA transparency is critical to meeting the world’s climate goals & energy needs.

By the numbers

These statistics show how crucial it is to remove barriers to clean energy deployment in order to reach our global climate goals.

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Case Study


During the 2011-16 power crisis, the government of Ghana signed 43 secret PPAs. The country is today still living with the grim consequences–from rising tariff rates to mass outages to hefty bills and stalled deployment of renewables.

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