About PPA Watch

PPA Watch is a resource to help you:
  • Learn how secret electricity contracts stifle clean energy deployment and harm lives, businesses, and economies;
  • Take action to advocate for electricity contract transparency.

PPA Watch is an initiative of the Energy for Growth Hub.

Our Mission
PPA Watch shares information on power contracts and advocates for greater power contract transparency to help deliver cheaper, cleaner, and more reliable electricity to people and businesses everywhere.



PPA Watch is funded by philanthropic organizations motivated to make clean energy abundant and affordable to everyone worldwide.
  • Rockefeller Foundation
  • Blue Haven Initiative
  • Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust

Media Inquiries

PPA Watch welcomes media inquiries about its work and about electricity contract transparency around the world. Please email ppa@energyforgrowth.org to connect with us.

Contact Us

Please contact us by emailing ppa@energyforgrowth.org.