PPA Transparency Scores

How transparent is your power sector?

We scoured multiple sources for publicly available information on power sector contracts. The data collected is classified into a 10 point rubric which is aggregated and gives a score.

Jordan6.5Partly transparent/jordan
Egypt6Partly transparent/egypt
South Africa5.5Partly transparent/south-africa
Senegal5.5Partly transparent/senegal
Jamaica4.5Not transparent/jamaica
Kenya4Not transparent/kenya
Vietnam4Not transparent/vietnam
Ghana3Not transparent/ghana
Uganda3Not transparent/uganda
Ethiopia3Not transparent/ethiopia
DRC3Not transparent/drc
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Research Methodology

PPA Watch scores the level of PPA transparency and disclosure in countries of interest and uses a scoring system to enable comparison of markets. We scour multiple sources for publicly available information on power sector contracts, asking ten questions:

  • Are the signing of PPAs publicly announced?
  • Are basic details (name, location, technology, dates) disclosed?
  • Is the award process clear?
  • Are the parties and signatories disclosed?
  • Is the amount of government finance and/or guarantees disclosed?
  • Are investors disclosed?
  • Are the ownership and shares disclosed?
  • Is the pricing or pricing formula available?
  • Are special terms, clauses, termination costs, or other payments disclosed?
  • Are the PPA contracts published?

The data collected is classified using this 10 point rubric which is then aggregated into a PPA Transparency score between 1 and 10. The levels of transparency range from non-transparent (4.5 or less) to partly transparent (5 to 7.5) to transparent (8 or greater). 

PPA Watch covers projects signed since 2012 and where the PPA is between an Independent Power Producer (IPP) and a national or regional utility or where there is any public sector obligation. We do not cover PPAs that are strictly between a private generator and a private offtaker with no public sector involvement or obligation. 

Click here to download the full methodology.

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PPA Watch welcomes inquiries about its work on electricity contract transparency around the world. Please email ppa@energyforgrowth.org to connect with us.