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Go deeper on how secret electricity contracts stifle clean energy markets worldwide and make electricity expensive and unreliable for billions.

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White Papers

PPA Watch White Papers make the case for why PPA secrecy damages clean energy development and contributes to costly outcomes for billions of energy-poor people.

This white paper by Mohamed Rali Badissy, Charles Kenny, and Todd Moss argues that governments should agree to publish PPAs with any public sector obligation and that funders of private generation projects also agree to minimum disclosure standards.

Case Studies

Our case studies look at how PPA transparency — or the lack of it — impacts economic growth and power provision at the individual country level.

During the 2011-16 power crisis, the government of Ghana signed 43 secret PPAs. Today, the country is still living with the grim consequences — from rising tariff rates to mass outages to stalled deployment of renewables.

Kenya Power has signed at least 42 PPAs with private developers. But apart from some basic information, very little detail is available to the public regarding how each contract was procured, its cost structure and resulting electricity price, or the impacts on Kenya’s broader power system.