Why PPA Transparency Matters to:
Governments & Policymakers

Why PPA Transparency Matters To:

Governments & Policymakers


  • Abundant affordable electricity matters to everyone.
  • Contract transparency has helped reduce corruption and improved management of oil, gas, and mineral resources.
  • Transparency in the electricity sector can improve sector governance, accelerate clean energy deployment, and expand access to clean energy for more people and end global energy poverty.


  • In mature energy markets, a wealth of publicly available data about electricity contracts and pricing is available, allowing open competitive markets to drive lower prices and higher service quality.
  • By contrast, in most emerging markets, the standard contract for financing electricity infrastructure – the PPA – is often negotiated, signed, and implemented without any public knowledge.
  • PPAs often represent sizable taxpayer obligations, may include noncompetitive provisions, and can have large impacts on the availability of abundant and affordable power.