Why PPA Transparency Matters to:
Journalists & Civil Society

Why PPA Transparency Matters To:

Journalists & Civil Society


  • Abundant affordable electricity matters to everyone.
  • Public access to PPAs will support the growing norm of transparency in public procurement to reduce corruption, build clean energy faster, and ultimately contribute towards ending energy poverty and fighting climate change.


  • In mature energy markets, a wealth of publicly available data about electricity contracts and pricing is available, which drives low prices and high service quality.
  • Citizens, politicians, investors, and regulators all have the information they need to hold the government accountable for the electricity contracts signed for the public good.
  • By contrast, in many emerging markets, the standard contract for financing electricity infrastructure – the PPA  – is often negotiated, signed, and implemented without any public knowledge.
  • PPAs often represent sizable taxpayer obligations, may include noncompetitive provisions, and can lead to expensive or unreliable power.